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Art/painting class

indies art club 2F


Most of the people who join are inexperienced.

The indies art club is an atelier, gallery, and cafe on the 2nd floor.has become an atelier.

In the atelier, we consult with each student, from beginners who say, "I don't know what to do, but I want to express something!" I'm here.

Value and enjoy the production process. And progress to a fulfilling work.

This is the characteristic of the indies art club atelier.

生徒作品 パステルを使った抽象画

At our atelier, not everyone does the same thing

​This is a space where you can have fun creating and discovering expressions that suit you.

抽象画 画面構成
人物デッサン 鉛筆



Features of our atelier

People like this

such a thing

○ Since the 1st floor is a gallery, you can always touch many works, which will also lead to improvement.

○ You can start creating freely between 14:00 and 21:30. (The production itself can be done until around 22:30.)

○ We value finding the joy of creating.

○ Most people are inexperienced.

We want to stimulate the right side of the brain through “free drawing”, enrich the mental aspects such as concentration, expression, and imagination while relaxing, and acquire the ability to freely take on challenges.

​ ○ Those who want to expand their hobbies and enjoyment. (Those who want to have a hobby that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.)

○ Those who want to try art but do not know where to start.

○ Those who are interested but have given up because they do not have talent.

○ If you want to draw a picture to decorate your room.

○Creating works​Those who want to relax and live with tension.

○ Those who want to learn from the basics.

● Those who think that creative thinking is necessary in the future. ●Those who think that they need to use their fingertips in order to live an active life for the rest of their lives.

Oil paintings, pastels, crayons, drawings, colored pencils, acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings, collages, objects, mixed media, etc.

* We can consult about the size of the work to be produced.


Monthly fee/¥8,000〜 * Teaching materials fee not included (available up to 24 hours in total per month)

No admission fee.

(Material fee ¥2500 at the time of orientation experience for the first time)

Is required.

●Our art class has 6-7 days off per month.

on non-holiday daysUnlimited access to art classesis.

Start production between 14:30 and 21:30please.

of the moon24 hours in totalYou can make up to this in our classroom.

* Create slowly when you have time, or create every day like a daily routine

You can

The pace and time of production vary depending on the users of the classroom.


There is an orientation (experience) that accompanies admission.

​Please feel free to contact us.

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