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Indies art club art university, art university, vocational school, entrance examination guidance

At our atelier, we provide entrance examination guidance for those aiming to enter art universities and vocational schools.

Thorough analysis of characteristic questions for each university! Available for both private and public schools.

⬛︎Characteristics and strengths of our atelier Terakoya style

① Small group

・Since it is a small class system, it is possible to provide detailed guidance tailored to each student.

② Attached gallery

・You can accumulate activity results (exhibition exhibitions, portfolios, experience necessary for interviews and presentations) that are indispensable for comprehensive selection and recommendation entrance examinations.

*INDIES ART CLUB and GALLERY is an atelier where you can create a variety of works, so it is possible to create works for competition exhibitions and provide guidance based on what you will do after entering university.


●Independence, communication skills, and problem-solving skills are emphasized today. The strength of INDIES ART CLUB and GALLERY's entrance examination guidance is not only practical guidance, but also deciding on the school of choice based on these experiences and assembling the guidance curriculum.


●Because of the small number of students, we can do everything from guidance on the basic drawings and screen composition necessary for the entrance examination, to preparation of materials necessary for comprehensive selection and recommendation entrance examinations, and guidance on interviews.

●Pass record

Tama Art University, Joshibi University of Art and Design, Saga University, Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto University of the Arts, Osaka University of Arts, Kyushu Sangyo University, Kuwasawa Design Institute, overseas art universities, etc.

15:00-21:30 except store holidays

●Monthly payment system or installment payment system

* The tuition fee varies depending on the instruction period and instruction content.

Please contact us first. (15:00~)

​2-6 Higashi-Furukawacho, Nagasaki City095-823-5217

●Trial classes are available. 90 minutes~/¥2,500 including teaching materials.

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