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Reasons why early enrollment is recommended.

● If the course period is short,Emphasis on exam techniqueIt's going to be the instruction of.

​ However, if you take earlyThorough basic skillsand can adapt according to the situationGuidance to improve application skillsI can. This isUseful even after collegeIt's an important power.


Early enrollment allows you to take the time to teach the full content.

In addition, we have set the annual tuition fee to be cheaper on average.

○ If you are attending from the first year of high school.

Guidance fee for the 1st year (high 1)…¥602,000

Guidance fee for 2nd year (high 2)…¥252,000

3rd year (high 3)Guidance fee…¥252,000

・Total ¥1,106,000 Annual average about ¥368,600


○ If you are enrolled from the second year of high school.

Guidance fee for the 1st year (high 2)…¥626,000

Guidance fee for 2nd year (high 3rd year)…¥276,000

・Total ¥902,000 Annual average Approx. ¥451,000


*From the second year onwards, the tuition fee will be based on 12 months of monthly fees. (Monthly payment system and installment payment system common)

​ *We can also discuss how to divide the admission fee.

Those who need practical art skills for high school entrance exams.

Admission fee ¥25,000

Monthly tuition ¥18,000 (teaching materials fee not included)

*You can take classes as many times as you like per week, except when the atelier is closed.

●In addition, if you have any concerns about learning, please feel free to contact us.

Please contact us first.


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