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(Gallery Terms of Use)

In this gallery, solo exhibitions and group exhibitions can be held regardless of genre.  

● Date/time/charge 

Usage fee: From 88,000 yen (including consumption tax): 3 days to 2 weeks

*Consult us about exhibition guide design/printing/shipping fees.
* Details such as the exhibition period (number of days) will be determined through consultation depending on the content and timing of the solo exhibition or group exhibition.

● About application

After inquiring about the availability of the gallery, please submit a "use application form".  
Your application will be considered official when you submit your application.  

Inquiries: TEL.095-823-5217 (INDIES ART CLUB and GALLERY Contact: Yae)
At the time of application, we may ask you to look at the work materials.  
*Please note that we may refuse to accept your request depending on the content of the work.  
It is not possible to use it for a purpose different from the purpose of use at the time of application, or to sublease or transfer the right to use.  

● Payment/cancellation of fees

The usage fee must be paid by the end of the exhibition.  
Please contact us for payment methods.  

About cancellation 
A cancellation fee will be charged regardless of the reason for cancellation due to the applicant's convenience.  
60% of the usage fee will be charged for cancellations made 6 months before the exhibition, and the full usage fee will be charged for cancellations made within 3 months of the exhibition.  

● Management and disclaimer of exhibited works

We are not responsible for any fire, theft, or other unexpected damage.  

● Regarding sales of works 

Works can be sold.
We receive a consignment commission of 10% to 30% of sales. Please contact us for details.

● Loading/unloading

Strict observance of deadlines.  

● Regarding the use of fixtures 

If the attached facilities and equipment of the gallery are damaged, soiled, or lost, the repair costs will be borne by the user.  
Please prepare packing materials, paper bags, etc. for the work.  

● Exhibition method 
Please inquire about our gallery equipment.
Please prepare anything other than equipment necessary for production and decoration on your own.  

Wall display 
1 Picture rail wire available.  
2 Be careful not to leave any residue when using adhesive tape.  
3 Thumbtacks, screws, tapes, etc. that may damage the ceiling and floor cannot be used.
Please ask.

*Please note that the number of picture rail wires is limited.  
Other necessary items should be prepared by the user.  

Lighting related 
1 Use a fixture spotlight.  
2 Please confirm with us how to install the light.  
3. Please contact us in advance if you bring equipment that uses other power sources.  

Use of fire and water 
If you plan to use water for your work or performance, please be sure to let us know the details in advance. (No fires)
If there is no content or communication, we may refuse the exhibition.  

● Others 

Smoking is limited to designated areas.  
Parking is not available. Please note.  

● Application/Inquiries 
2-6 Higashifurukawa-cho, Nagasaki-shi / (095) 823-5217
Person in charge: Yae

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