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Eiki Uchihama(INDIES ART CLUB and GALLERY representative, lecturer, art producer)

1970  Born in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture. Kurokami Elementary School → Nichiyu Junior High School → Prefectural Sasebo Minami High School (kendo boy until junior high school)
1988  Entered Saga University Faculty of Education Special Teacher Training Course Art. Western painting major  
●Many winners and winners in competitions
● Feeling doubtful and uncomfortable with the competition standards and judges' sense of values and evaluations, I stopped entering competitions and held my own solo exhibitions and group exhibitions. He began to think about production that entrusts his works to the general public.

1991 Takes a temporary leave of absence from university and stays on the Silk Road for four months. After returning to school Obtaining licenses for junior high and high school arts and high school crafts

1993  advertising agency designer

The capacity of a professional designer is overwhelming compared to what I have gained through my experience. The attitude of incorporating all kinds of values and the method of creating a single work as a team are the hints for current guidance and expression. becomes.

1995~  In Nagasaki Prefecture, he taught art at 16 elementary and junior high schools, junior high schools, high schools, special schools, facilities, etc.
●Based on the teaching guidelines, original themes (teaching material research) are conducted and practiced at all schools according to the actual situation of the students.
・Exchange classes with Korean junior high schools
・Advisor for a group exhibition outside the school that junior high school students plan themselves.

2006   Established INDIES ART CLUB and GALLERY, an art transmission space in Nagasaki
A place where not only works of art such as paintings and sculptures are exhibited, but also music, performances and other forms of expression are introduced and stimulated.
It is desirable that the person who expresses and the person who sees are equal. Creating a store that is conscious of "art in life". are practicing

Over the past 10 years, over 300 original gallery projects have been carried out with the idea that anyone with interest and courage can become an artist (from the viewer to the creator), rather than the concept that only skilled people use the gallery. , The aim is to enrich the work and the artist's mind while repeating production and exhibition.

2013-2014 Painting instruction using the five senses of the whole body at kindergarten.
2014 Presented as an artist and professional   producer of the 30m wide x 6m high installation “Umi no Ebisu” at the Canal Gallery of the Nagasaki Prefectural Museum of Art.
2015    Body paint action pay _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b at Nagasaki Prefectural Museum Canal Gallery in July, August and October -136bad5cf58d_ Presented a style called Art Jamming that fused dance. It attracted 450 spectators in 90 minutes.

Currently, he plans and manages art exhibitions and events inside and outside the INDIES ART CLUB and GALLERY, and provides art guidance to a wide range of ages from teens to 60s.
*As a freelancer who does not belong to the art world, he is characterized by his freedom and unfetteredness. Therefore, art instruction is flexible and wide-ranging, and specializes in instruction that draws out the characteristics and individuality of students without forcing their own techniques and styles.

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