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EsquisseA term used to refer to the work of scrutinizing the artist's inspiration, formulating a plan, and the sketch itself.

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sketchscenerythingsetc.roughlycopyto takeagain,That picture.Sketch.sketch.

small piece… Small-scale works such as paintings and sculptures.

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collage…A contemporary painting technique in which various objects such as cutouts of photographs and wires are pasted on the screen to create works.

Papier Colle…A technique of pasting newspapers, tickets, wrapping paper, photographs, etc. onto a support such as canvas or paper. Early stage of layered collage technique using various materials. It all started with the direct insertion of everyday objects into his paintings.

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Complementary color contrast… Complementary color contrast is the combination of colors (complementary colors) located on opposite sides of the color wheel. You can see each other's colors vividly.

色相環図 補色対比…補色対比とは、色相環で反対側に位置する色(補色)同士を組み合わせること。互いの色が鮮やかに見えます。

​ For example, red and green or blue and orange.

brightness contrastA phenomenon in which the same color looks different depending on the brightness of the surrounding colors.


Both grays in the middle are the same color​ but the left one looks lighter and the right one darker.

halationA phenomenon that occurs when complementary colors or colors that are close to complementary colors appear to flicker due to their similar brightness.

SeparationSeparation To soften contrast by inserting another color between colors that cause halation.

ハレーション…補色や、補色に近い色同士を合わせると明度が近いことが原因で起こる、色の境界がチカチカして見える​現象のこと。 セパレーション…セパレーション(分離)ハレーションを起こすような色同士の間に別の色を入れること対比を和らげること。
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